URACCAN continues to develop the 2021 propedeutic course
Students of the propedeutic course at URACCAN campus New Guinea
Students of the propedeutic course at URACCAN campus New Guinea
Judith Robleto

Student community growth

URACCAN campus New Guinea, year after year has increased the number of pre-enrolled students; by 2021, more than 500 aspiring careers have been enrolled on campus; an enriching experience for the university community.

According to PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of URACCAN New Guinea, was gratifying to hear young people feel about their decision to study at URACCAN. "That admiration, the spirit of being proud to be URACCAN, makes us very satisfied with the assessment these students make, they feel identified with the philosophy of the university," he said.

The propedeutic courses at URACCAN, in addition to being a learning space of the student who aspires to enroll in one of the careers offered, are comfortable moments for the teachers of this study house; this is expressed by Teacher Fredy Chamorro, teacher at this university campus

"In the experience we had with these kids we were able to understand the magnitude of URACCAN's service, the impact it has on communities around New Guinea and across the Caribbean coast, because despite being new students one realizes how appropriate they come from the university model we are. That gives us the view that we are really a relevant university, that transcends knowledge," the teacher said.

Also, the PhD. Blanca Nevai Centeno, a professor at the university campus, commented that "Listening to students manifest and tell students that they feel identified with URACCAN because it is an accessible university, because it is where they can study what they want, in addition to quality, really pleases".

The day-to-day struggle, for a better life

"At the age of 40 I have come to this university because I have the vision of getting ahead, being a professional," says Jesenia López Leiva, who has left her job as a coffee cutter for prematricular at URACCAN New Guinea and pursue propedeutics, with the firm conviction of being a graduate in Spanish Language and Literature, a URACCAN graduate.

"I always wanted to study, but I hadn't been able to, but graduates who studied at URACCAN told me that this university welcomes everyone equally and gives the opportunity to anyone who wants to learn and I want to learn to teach as many young people as I can," added López, who for five years has taught community classes in the United Nations colony of the municipality of New Guinea.

"What a joy to come here and realize that everything beautiful they say about this university is true, it has a very friendly staff, with capacity, that give love to students, and teaches how you can work together, that I liked," Leiva concluded.

The educational quality that is permeated in this house of study, is a reflection of the student demand and the feelings of these young people who arrive with the desire to be part of this large family of URACCAN.