URACCAN Venue Bluefields presents its 2021 academic offering to high school students
Young students have shown a lot of interest in URACCAN, a benchmark of educational quality in the Caribbean.
Josselyn Flores

Promoting development from relevant education

URACCAN Venue Bluefields prepares to receive the academic school year 2021, making known its academic offer to the new high schoolers of the city. In this regard, it has organized a work plan coordinated by the Academic Secretariat, which includes career coordinations, the Student Welfare area, UNEN and the institutional media.

Among the activities contemplated, the different secondary schools, public and private, have been visited, presenting the academic offer. This action has been carried out by teachers and representatives from each area, making young people aware of the dynamics and importance of the careers offered by the university for professional development and contribution to the costly society.

Teacher Heidi Guillén, academic secretary, said that "we are already prepared as an enclosure, developing activities with the aim of welcoming new students who have come out as high schoolers this year, we have visited Bluefields schools and created communication products to, after this, make a parakeet for the neighborhoods of the city".

Teacher Ana Chow has accompanied in the process and stated that "we have dynamically shared with students and thus know their interest in forming their future and accordingly suggest careers according to the academic offer".

"URACCAN, at 26, is promoting thirteen races relevant to the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, where future professionals will contribute to the development of our region," Chow said.

The director general of the Christopher Columbus Institute argued that "we expect them to take as their first choice the URACCAN, which offers the ease of scholarships; we know that the economic situation is not very well and in order not to obstruct their educational training the management of the centre is seeing the possibility of support with universities."

Other shares

Among the actions envisaged in the capture plan have also been planned visits to the surrounding communities, including Kukra Hill, Laguna de Perlas, Kukra River and El Bluff; as well as visits to the external media, in this case the radios of the area.