Presentation of candidates

By: Neylin Calderón

As part of the celebration of the XXV Anniversary of the URACCAN, in the Bilwi venue they prepare to carry out various activities, including the miss and Miss URACCAN Bilwi contest, that is why, in this context, the official presentation of 7 candidates and 6 candidates aspiring to win the crown of this contest was held.

In URACCAN, for 25 years, values and principles that contribute to an intercultural higher education relevant to the context of the Caribbean Coast are promoted, in addition to recognizing the skills and knowledge of the student, that is why this contest, without being a beauty competition, is of appropriation of the institutional philosophy, of commitments with the university community, in addition to promoting responsibility through social projects that pay to the development of indigenous peoples , Afro-descendants and half-breeds.

On the rules

URACCAN Bilwi's teacher Alexa Torres presented and explained clearly the points of the regulations, which consists of 3 recitals, 10 titles and 18 articles, this was done with the main objective of improving the processes of the Miss and Mr. Míster URACCAN pageant, which is held every year on the anniversary of URACCAN , at the Bilwi compound.

This regulation establishes the processes involved in the choice of Miss and Míster in an orderly, clear and efficient manner in harmony with the Principles and Values of the institution, implementing the mission and vision of the URACCAN, as well as a way to reinforce the processes of choice, thus avoiding forms of discrimination, bullying, cyberbullying, or performing any type of harassment or violence within the university.

Creation of relevant professionals

According to engineer Torres, the URACCAN contest, "it is a space where human talents, principles and values are promoted; respect, responsibility, communication, unity, humility, love, honesty and tolerance," he said.

In this sense, "culture is also lived through the recreation of the multiculturalism that characterizes the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, all this is articulated with leadership and above all with cultural and institutional identity," Torres added.

For his part, the Phd. Enrique Cordón stated that URACCAN in 2019 is celebrating its 25th year of foundation which means that "we are presenting to society about the products that we have built and have prepared for the regional autonomy project, in addition to presenting future projections", he said.