University students promote environmental foundation in Siuna
After cleaning the green spaces, students leave messages to generate environmental awareness in the population.
Algiers Hernandez

Young people who preach with testimony

Three university students from Siuna have begun an admirable work, which is to incentivize in the population of the municipality the care and protection of natural resources. The project of these young people is named "Environmental Foundation 4-20".

The objective of this eco-initiative is to create a healthy environment, so that the population can enjoy more green and safe spaces of recreation in the municipality.

"We currently know that there are several organizations and institutions that look after natural resources; but we want to provide our help, as every contribution is valuable for the protection of Mother Earth," said Iván Antonio López Latino, URACCAN's Local Development Student.

In addition to Latino, they have integrated into the foundation: Manuel Moody, student of Agroforestry Engineering of URACCAN, and Reynaldo Acosta, student of UNAN-León.

"The works we have done are simple, anyone can do them; we organized and visited places that have been neglected to give it cleanliness and beautification, we already visited the first place and it was a very nice experience," Latino said.

Materials and labor

Latino explained that "to carry out these activities we only have: machete, shovel and sacks, those that we use to collect the garbage, cut the undergrowth and at the end we place labels with valuable information on the protection and conservation of Mother Earth".

"In the coming days we intend to clean up the Siuna River that passes through the city center, although we need more protective equipment due to the high degree of pollution of this cause, in addition to other places that are visited by the Local population," the student explained.

An open, non-profit foundation

"We project that the foundation be composed of: adolescents, young people, adults, through a volunteer, without any economic profit; we aim to raise awareness of more people who want to unite and help conserve and protect the environment," Latino said.