Successful webinar on "Digital Tools for Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
UNEN students participating in academic activity.
José Garth Medina and Neylin Calderón

This activity is coordinated by the Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and promoted from Rectory.

Students and teachers from the four URACCAN campuses participated, through the GoToMeeting and Zoom platforms, in the webinar entitled "Digital Tools for Innovation and Entrepreneurship", reported By Joel Montenegro, coordinator of the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Las Minas venue.

From the Center for Innovation and Community Entrepreneurship "Kiulna" this webinar was organized, having as facilitators Elkis Aismara Ortega and Jesser Miranda, who shared their technological and virtual knowledge and skills for student and entrepreneur businesses.

According to Br. Luis Fernando Gutiérrez Wilson, collaborator of the Center for Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship Slilma of the Bilwi campus, this is the first webinar developed from this area, in coordination with the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Postal Affairs (Telcor), through the Regional Communications Infrastructure Program of the Caribbean (CARCIP).

Elkis Aismara Ortega, coordinator of SITICI in Las Minas, explained that a webinar refers to a webinar through the web, where a presentation of a topic that reaches a specific audience is made in a space of 45 minutes.

The seminar was aimed at potential young entrepreneurs, young innovators who have entrepreneurship, and provided tools to improve productivity and, given the pandemic, through these technological spaces collaborative work can be done.

Teacher Ortega said the seminary was very helpful. In this sense, UNEN President félix Aráuz said UNEN students participated, who "are learning the technological tools that serve them for the innovation and development of their classes and their professional life."

Training activities planned for the month of August

Luis Gutierrez, of the Slilma Center, reported that by August, from the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, four Webinar sessions have been planned, which will be "free (...), because what we want (URACCAN) is to create this habit of using ICT tools for businesses and small entrepreneurs".