Training on techno-pedagogical tools for teachers at the Bluefields campus
Training on techno-pedagogical tools for teachers at the Bluefields campus
Teachers of the Bluefields campus during their training process, prior to the start of the second academic semester of 2020.
Josselyn Flores

The training process aims to ensure the educational continuity of the second semester

The Bluefields campus trained its teachers in the use of the virtual platform, addressing the institutional philosophy and pedagogical model of URACCAN, with the aim of "ensuring the continuity of the second semester of the 2020 school year", reported the teacher Heidi Guillén, academic secretary of that campus.

In the same sense, the teacher Diala López, vice-chancellor of the venue, noted that this preparation, "runs framed to the commitment that we have as an Intercultural Community University with educational quality, so it is emphasizing the use of the virtual platform".

"We need to promote all technological means to facilitate the learning process and the interaction between the student and the teacher," she said.

Virtual education strategy

Teacher Guillén noted that "the virtual platform is a tool to support teaching and learning processes, and that greater concentration and knowledge in the use of technology is required."

In turn, he emphasized the importance of addressing URACCAN's pedagogical model, as "it is an integrated model of how academic work is developed, and how our students should respond to assigned work; also the evaluation part, which has been integrated into virtuality."

Teacher López, for her part, appreciated the participation of the teachers in the session, as well as their commitment, dedication and permanent accompaniment to the student.

The vice-chancellor reflected on the work done by the guild in the first semester, ensuring that thanks to the efforts of the educators it was possible to complete it and the opening of this new training process to strengthen teaching and learning.

Ensuring the safety of the university community

López ended by urging teachers to continue the second semester rigorously implemented prevention measures in the different learning spaces, making proper use of masks, hand washing and estating, among other standards established in the URACCAN safety protocol.