Processes of accompaniment to the territories

By: Josselyn Flores

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), maintaining a commitment to the good living of peoples and the care of Mother Earth, through its Institutes and Centers continues to accompany the communities of the region, to contribute to protect and care for the resources that indigenous territories possess, that is why through the Institute of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (IREMADES) , within the framework of the Tapir Nicaragua project, territorial forest monitoring tools were trained to community leaders.

With the participation of leaders from the five territories of the South Caribbean Coast, the facilitators of the workshop provided themes, aimed at understanding the use of different tools and platforms for the alert of deforestation and forest fires.

In the same sense, the engineer Armando Dans, field coordinator Tapir Nicaragua at IREMADES, stressed the importance of conducting this community monitoring training on virtual platforms, as a support strategy for the territories, "the purpose is that they appropriate each of the tools to be able to take concrete actions and be able to face the invasion of forests" Aimed

On platforms

According to Dans, this monitoring is done through Smart Software, the Global Forest Watch platform, Global Forest Fire and NASA fire alerts, which are free software, free and accessible to anyone, who has access to a smartphone or computer with internet, is downloaded and can be used in the territory.

In Engineer, he stated that these tools easily adapt to the context in which they were used, they were easy to modify properly for the personnel using them.

Contributions from community leaders

In the same context, the leaders of the territories expressed their commitment to take actions that contribute to the care of their forests. "With the use of these instruments, we will be able to implement them and work on how to conserve and protect our indigenous and communal lands," said Mr. Jorge Salgado of Kara's food, the current syndic territorial government Awaltara Luhpia Nani Tasbaya.