Minimums of law

By: Judith Robleto

In order to disseminate the process of knowing and dialogue about the minimums of Law 704, the creating law of the quality assurance system of education, the areas of self-assessment, planning and dissemination of the New Guinean compound, are kicking out a plan to disseminate this process.

The head of enclosure self-assessment, teacher Daril Acuña Meza, participated in a radio program, where he made known to the population the process that this study house has been developing, since the creation of its report on compliance with the improvement plan; which has been handed over to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (CNEA), in 2014, in these mementos this study house is prepared for verification.

Activities to be highlighted in outreach plan

Within the activities developed for the dissemination of the process, presentations have been worked by institutional areas and guilds, radio programs, murals and banner that allow to know what it means to be in a process of preparation to receive in its time evaluators according to the report of institutional self-assessment for improvement purposes, delivered in 2014 to the CNEA.

According to the appearance of teacher Daril Acuña Meza, the outreach process allows, "to remind the entire university community, that this is done for the purpose of improving every day and as part of also an accreditation process", I point out.

Wedge Meza, stated that, "every university institution, within its organization, must have a quality assurance system that allows them to manage processes aimed at improving it; its way of organizing and functioning is established by each institution in exercise of its autonomy," he said

Legal framework

In this context, Master Yader Morales Lara, planning coordinator of the venue; referenced the regulatory framework governing URACCAN as a house of knowledge and a member of the country's National Council of Universities

"The National Council for Evaluation and Accreditation is the governing body and highest authority of the National System for the Assurance of the Quality of Education, created by Law 704 published in The Official Journal Gazette No. 172 of September 12, 2011; it emerges as a need to achieve the quality of Nicaraguan education and to recognize the institutions of the system that strive to achieve it," he said through the process of planning outreach activities.

Lara also referred to the evaluation process of the 2015-2019 strategic plan and as URACCAN prepares for a decade-long life plan.  

In this sense, URACCAN is committed to quality and therefore its commitment to work in order to comply with the rules and regulations governing higher education in Nicaragua.