Intertwining companionship and equity

By: Neylin Calderón

Since URACCAN, principles of complementarity, equity and equality are practiced, which is why in the various activities the main cross-cutting axes that govern the university are carried out, in this sense, the candidates and candidates for the Miss URACCAN-Bilwi pageant received workshop on institutional history and philosophy, in addition to self-care therapy.

With these activities, it is sought to demonstrate that beauty pageants in URACCAN, intertwine knowledge, knowledge and practices with those qualitative aspects such as respect, honesty, love of others and being a good citizen, in addition to training them in the history of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast, of the university, they are taught the way of understanding , of self-esteem, of loving themselves, and valuing having the opportunity to professionalize at the first intercultural community university in Latin America, apart from being the daughter of regional autonomy.

Institutional philosophy

The 14 participants were attentive to hearing the exhibition of Teacher Yuri Zapata, vice-chancellor general of URACCAN, who was in charge of providing training on the history of the university, walking during these 25 years and also everything related to institutional philosophy.

According to Master Zapata, among the topics addressed in the workshop were "what have been those important historical moments in institutional development, but also speak a little that is what comprises the model of intercultural community university, its philosophy, its mission, vision, principles, values, cross-cutting axes", so that boys and girls take ownership of these, and know what have been the greatest achievements of the URACCAN in these 25 years Yuri added.

Self-care therapy

In addition, the 7 candidates and 7 candidates had the opportunity to receive self-care therapy that this will help them to be more confident and increase levels of self-concentration, as stated by the psychologist María Isabel Bucardo, in charge of this therapeutic workshop.

At the start of this activity, the 14 participants laid towels and pillows on the floor, for convenience, then forming a circle, lit candles in the center, with the aim of having much more concentration in therapy, in addition to attracting good energies, demonstrating companionship, respect and the fundamentals, responding to the intercultural approach of the university.

The psychologist told candidates that concentrating under candlelight is with the goal of "identifying and focusing our energies (...) because light represents our interior, represents your strengths, light represents your safety," Bucardo instilled.