Institutional integration processes

By: Neylin Calderón

From the URACCAN there are spaces of dialogues of knowledge and feelings, which contribute to the proper development and functioning of the institution, that is why in each campus there are the University Councils of Campus (CUR), spaces of concertation, dialogue and socialization on the processes that develop, where collectively they make decisions about the walk of the campus.

During the year there are 12 regular sessions, however, normatively, there are also calls to specially session, depending on the nature of the events or demands of management, in this sense, in the Bilwi Campus, the first extraordinary session of the CUR of 2019 was held.

The CUR is composed of the coordinations of academic areas, institutes and centers, vice-chancellor, academic secretariat and trade union representatives, where they expose different themes that contribute to the functioning of the institution, in addition, it is a space of debates and reflections where institutional philosophy is shared.

Pre-institutional planning

Master Yuri Zapata Webb, deputy general vice-chancellor of URACCAN, explained that the university is framed by values and principles that must be implemented in each corresponding function, referring to complementarity, respect, responsibility and commitment, he also urged human talent that are more committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of the university.

"We are part of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the URACCAN, but in order to comply with the proposed plan of activities we must work articulately and implement communication," master Zapata said.

For his part, the Phd. Enrique Cordón stated that the main reason for convening this first extraordinary CUR is to be able to make the preparation of the pre-planning and the annual purchasing plan (PREPAC), 2020, to give way to compliance with law 550 "Law on Financial Administration and the Budgetary Regime".

From this Monday the different areas, centers and institutes that make up the Bilwi campus, will meet with the Planning area and the Evaluation area to develop, in an articulated way, each annual plan corresponding to 2020.