Third report on the participation of URACCAN's student in Rally 2020: The final stretch
The intercultural communicator, Josselyng Flores, interviewing student Tyler Moreno of the Bluefields compound.
Ricardo Guzmán

Students have demonstrated the principles and values instilled by URACCAN.

The Intercultural Communication team continues to follow up on the process of materializing and fulfilling the proposals developed by the groups representing URACCAN at Rally 2020. On this occasion and approaching the final stretch of competition, authorities and students share with us the advances of the second day, as well as their learnings and experiences of cultural exchanges.

From the Bilwi venue, the coordinator of the Center for Intercultural Community Innovation "Slilma", Heydi Forbes, expressed great satisfaction that the student teams have fulfilled responsiblely with the delivery of advances, according to the formats established by the organizers of this international event. Forbes also emphasized that this Rally, comes to strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that drives URACCAN in all its venues and extensions.

Hence, young Tyler Moreno, from the Bluefields compound, is excited and optimistic. The competition has allowed him to strengthen companionship, solidarity and collaboration from the intercultural gender perspective of his university. The student showed great joy at the cultural exchange that, through a TikTok challenge, he shared with a team from Mexico. Tyler's group

"It was emblematic that our academic secretary and vice-chancellor spent the whole night here with us, without resting, lifting our spirits," the boy said. In this sense, the director of the Center for Multi-ethnic Women's Studies and Information, MSc. Bernardine Dixon, assured us that the ideas of these teams are formulated "from the thinking and feeling of the people who are going to make use of these proposals", through which they are "demonstrating the values and principles that we have as a university".

From Bluefields, coverage moved to the Mining Triangle, where the coordinator of the "Kiulna" Community Innovation Center, MSc. Joel Montenegro categorically stated that "without the commitment, prominence, responsibility and dedication of students this would not have been a reality." It is important to recognize the institutional coordination effort, where we have all worked as a community, as a family, the official stressed.

Also, from the New Guinea venue, teacher Yancy Moraga, responsible for Educational Technology, argued that on that campus the spirits are maintained as if the Rally began. He also assured that this exchange allowed students to realize their ideas, strengthen their bonds, and deploy their creativity.

Moraga highlighted the constant accompaniment of the different areas of the university, congratulating the Intercultural Communication team on real-time coverage and promotion on the different information and social media platforms, where the Costaña population has shown their unconditional support for the boys and girls who are putting the name URACCAN and the Caribbean Coast aloft.