2020 Rally Advances at URACCAN New Guinea Venue: The Feeling of Students
The work done by the leaders of each team has been fundamental to keeping pace and good spirits.
Judith Robleto

A morning with more challenges and longings

Increasingly close to the finish line and with its more elaborate products, but with the tiredness of the intense day of more than 24 hours, the 24 young people of the URACCAN New Guinea venue who participate in the Latin American Innovation Rally 2020 continue to work.

Enthusiastic university students who have had the permanent accompaniment and dynamism of the team of teachers and administrators and authorities, are in the final stage of their project, with elaborate and defined ideas, already recording their respective videos.

"We are in the audio recording to conclude with the video," says Kristheen Blandón, a member of the Omega team, who work on challenge number 7, to offer opportunity for inclusion for older adults.

Kevin Pauth, representative of the Kamid team, says that in "the final stage, we are tired, sleepy, but we still have to go on because we are missing the last." The leader encourages his team to stand firm and comply with the proposal, which will allow the good use of cooking oils and the reduction of environmental pollution.

Teams are working to the rhythm of their favorite music, allowing them to always be active as they approach the final stage: presenting their innovative projects.

"These are processes like these that allow us to comply with our philosophy of training innovative women and men, and also that they have the capacity for resilience, teamwork, and present the best proposals in the face of a problem," says PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the venue, and who together with the organizing committee has been accompanying the teams.