The Brilliant Minds team wins Rally at URACCAN Las Minas
The groups were very grateful to their university for all the support received during the event.
José Garth Medina

Young people focused their projects on inclusiveness and gender equality.

The group of students identified as "Bright Minds" won the TikTok category, obtaining the most "like", report and video, with the project of a device domiciled to recycle the cooking oil and turn it into wax, for candle and soap, which can mean income opportunities for Caribbean families.

The prototype is accessible to the majority of the population, easy to use and with few risks, which allowed the jury to approve this project with more votes. In the evaluation, several criteria were taken into account, including originality of the solution, impact of the proposal on society, economic pre-feasibility and environmental sustainability and technical feasibility, quality of presentation for the report and for the video.

The group that took first place consisted of the following students: Dania del Carmen Lam Sagastume, Eddy Will Martínez Duarte, James Albert Reyes Calderón, Kilber Johnny Lujes Valdivia.

Intercultural Communication student Eddy Will Martínez noted that what allowed them to win first place was good communication and coordination between the 4 members of the group, in addition the success of being able to generate good reactions in the TikTok was the articulation of cultures with a group in Mexico showing multiculturalism of both peoples.

Martinez noted that "in our challenge we focus on including gender equality, especially by creating a product that brings benefits to its consumers and that can be created and innovated by anyone, for the development and good of peoples".

La PhD. Leonor Ruiz Calderón thanked his entire team of URACCAN Las Minas for their willingness to contribute to the innovation process with this International Rally, it was an excellent articulation of all areas, for which it was possible to successfully finish this day of 28 hours.