URACCAN new Guinea campus team articulates its Institutional Life Plan
Planning session at URACCAN campus New Guinea
Planning session at URACCAN campus New Guinea
Judith Robleto

With the participation of the different institutional areas of URACCAN campus New Guinea, the process of institutional life planning began, from an articulated process, to the construction of a plan that responds to the mission and vision of the university and the realities of the region.

In this sense, the vice-chancellor of the compound, PhD. Eugenio López, commented that in this process, it is done with an eye on the budgetable details, since last year there has been a pre-planning.

"We have already made progress since last year in this process, but it is now necessary to work with budgetable eyes from what we have, so that we can comply with what we are planning," Lopez explained.

For his part, the Msc. Yader Morales Lara, coordinator of the Planning and Analysis area of the Institutional Life Plan in the premises, explained that all plan activities, means of verification, auxiliaries, managers and weighted activities will be reviewed; it also invited the coordinations and managers to work hand in hand with the plan that the managements have already developed.

In addition, Master Daril Acuña, coordinator of self-assessment, invited to "ensure that our verifiable maintain quality at all times, as we are also betting on building results within the plan," he said.

Finally, the Msc. Magda Martínez Manzanares, presented the budget profile of development funds, and invited to fully comply with the planned. The activity will last for two working days and allows teamwork for each of the institutional functions.