Students with academic excellence receive recognition diplomas
These results are thanks to the strengthening and communication between authorities, teachers and students.
Josselyn Flores

Prominent URACCAN students at its Bluefields campus who earned academic excellence received certificates from their area coordinators as a sign of recognition of their dedication and commitment.

The Humanities area, coordinated by teacher Narda Wilson, and the area of Education Sciences with Mention in Languages, coordinated by teacher Marbella Jirón, visited the classrooms making delivery of the certificates.

Teacher Wilson explained that, from the Humanities area, "we are pleased because despite the situation we face, students from the three careers in the area, Psychology in Multicultural Contexts, Sociology with Mention in Autonomy and Intercultural Communication, managed to obtain good grades".

In the Psychology career, the best averages are:

Bra. Sweet Sanarrusia, with 93.75

Bra. Roselis Farm, with 93.29

Bra. Carry Ellis, at 94.14

Bra. Lygia Soto, with 92.43

Br. Carlos Alvarado, with 90.86

Bra. Gabriela Sequeira, with 89.14

Bra. Yanci Pravia, with 88.75

Bra. Iretha Woods, at 88.71

Bra. Roxy Briones, at 88.57

Bra. Jornely Sinclair, at 88.43

Bra. Dianne Sanchez, with 87.29

Bra. Yosselin Rizo, with 85.62

Bra. Miriam Gomez, with 85.50

Bra. Mishalska Anasha, with 85.00

In the career of Sociology with Mention in Autonomy:

Bra. Lidia Hodgson, with 94.60

Br. Amilcar Abella, with 87.00

In the career of Intercultural Communication:

Bra. Keydi Pineda, with 89.50

Bra. Edelmari Murillo, with 85.75

"We hope that in this second semester we will be able to have more outstanding students; these results are part of the work that is done in coordination with teachers in the area and thanks to the commitment and effort of the student," said Teacher Jirón.

In the area of education sciences and languages the best average was obtained at the enclosure level, with the Bra. Lucette Christian, Bachelor's Degree in English. It was also given a certificate to The Bra. Yesling Montoya, of the Biology career, with an average of 96.00

For the area of Education Sciences and Languages, the following results were obtained in the Biology career:

Bra. Lucrecia Gamboa, with 95.75

Bra. Erder Mendoza, with 95.75

Bra. Sonya Sosa, with 91.75

Bra. Laysha Britton, at 90.75

Bra. Betania Vargas, with 90.75

Bra. Marina Moreno, with 90.75

Bra. Maryorie Sequeira, at 89.25

Bra. Leydiesqui Gonzales, with 86.83

Bra. Yadilda Alvarado, with 86.75

Bra. Hellen Reyes, at 86.75

Br. Francisco Tórrez, at 85.25

Bra. Silvia Castañeda, with 84.83

Bra. Sayda Cuadra, at 84.75

In English the highlights are:

Bra. Mishelle Bennett, with 96.50

Bra. Jessilette Diaz, at 96.33

Br. Michael Ortega, with 96.00

For the teacher Marbella Jirón, "it is a pride to have achieved these results with the students, and the best average of the venue. It is important for us as an academic team to work together; from the area that has been fundamental to obtaining these results, that communication that has been strengthened with students and teachers," he concluded.