Students from the Bilwi Campus Arboretum Leadership School
The trees planted were: Water stick, Guapinol, Royal Cedar, Macho Cedar, Granadillo and Nancite.
Neylin Calderon

Fulfillment of the subject Orientation, Technique and Vocational (OTV)

Students of the SECOND year of the School of Leadership held a day of reforestation in the municipal arboretum located on the university campus of Bilwi, in compliance with the subject Orientation, Technique and Vocational (OTV), taught by professor Gerardo Gutiérrez.

The main purpose of doing this type of activities with high school students is to become aware and accountable in the care and management of natural resources; on this occasion they had the opportunity to sow 6 species of trees between wood and fruit trees, the teacher explained.

They were also explained the importance of the arboretum, the reasons why species diversity should be had and the relevance of each of them, both socially, environmentally and economically, Gutierrez said.

In turn, the teacher exposed the student about the incidence of trees in nature since its planting, "how they captured solar radiation and made the process of photosynthesis, then stored the coal and oxygen was released so that the other living beings could take advantage of it", detailed the engineer Gerardo Gutierrez.

Learnings that contribute to the care of the Pachamama (Mother Earth)

Student Alondra Isamara Albizue said she learned the right way to plant a plant, the various benefits that these include, "for example they give us oxygen, fruits, benefit us by giving us building materials (...) I tell the population that we shade more trees for more benefits," she said.

While student Anthony Alexander Solano González said that from the process of planting trees it is to receive the oxygen purification that keeps all the beings on earth alive, "for those who don't like forests or like to cut down trees, stop doing that (...) every time they do that, they sow more for the future," he said.

It should be noted that the trees that were planted this Wednesday, were "Water Stick, Guapinol, Royal Cedar, Macho Cedar, Granadillo and Nancite".