Training for peoples

By: Neylin Calderón

On this Saturday afternoon, students from the Humanities, Legal and Social Sciences area of the URACCAN Bilwi compound defended their monographic thesis to qualify for the degree of Sociology with mention in Autonomy.

The now graduates of URACCAN, María del Pilar Benjamín Alvarez and Celia Violeta Castellón Peña, presented to the jury the monographic theme called "Living conditions in women of the elderly of informal commerce, Bilwi municipal market".

This study aimed to know the social problems that exist in people who reach the elderly, in these cases there are women of 75 years who still have their own businesses in the market of the city of Bilwi, according to the exhibitors is because they do not like to be "burden of anyone", but in their recommendations they emphasized the importance of having a nursing home where such people can be sheltered.

In the end the students obtained a good score, so it was released in their final verdict by the jury made up of Master Mery Lau, Bachelor Ivania Padilla and the master's degree Anny Marley.