Market Psychology and Entrepreneurship

By: Neylin Calderón

Students of the third year of the career of Psychology in multicultural contexts of URACCAN in their Bilwi university campus, hold a mini-fair of entrepreneurship and recycling, as a way to incentivize the university community to take care of the environment, making good use of recyclable materials.

According to the graduate Diana Corea, time teacher of the psychology career, the conduct of this mini fair is incentivized to study in the world of entrepreneurship, in addition it is developed as a project of "Culmination of course of the class of Market Psychology and Entrepreneurship", he detailed.

Promoting intercultural community entrepreneurship

During the activity, products based on the region's own assets are being offered "Promoting its culture and interculturality", emphasized the Korea graduate, adding that everything offered was prepared by the same students, among custom clothing design, multi-use shampoos, piñatas, bracelets, sea shell earrings, Christmas ornaments with recycled materials, among others.

For her part, student Daneysi Ebeda, representative of the brand "Piñatas Fantasy" stated that these entrepreneurship initiatives manage to position themselves in the commercial market "We are already starting to start a business... That way we expand our skills, if we don't find work in our profession we can work differently," he stressed.

Also, student Gabrielle Sandino Francis said that the products of the brand "Brioso", are based on the elaboration of natural liquid soaps multi uses, since they can be used for washing clothes, fret and for personal hygiene.

In this sense, student Tomasa Escobar, representative of the brand "Koko Piñas Style", who in the miniphery offered different designs of personalized clothes, including caps, T-shirts and swimsuits, stressed that "This initiative is very good as it promotes students in addition to our profession to have other resources to be able to undertake us", he said.

Protecting Mother Earth

Finally, student Heydy Elizabeth Rodriguez emphasized that groups responsible for making recyclable products were promoted under the term "Three Rs, which means Reuse, Recycle and Reduce", argued the student, adding that the purpose is to be able to raise awareness of society "Not everything is thrown away, not everything is rubbish, that can be reused, let's take care of our environment because it is the only way to be well , healthy and garbage-free," Rodriguez concluded.