Psychology Students in Multicultural Contexts Provide Tutoring
Psychology students planning their tutoring, aimed at other students.
Edelmari Murillo

Knowledge and learning from classrooms

Students of the fourth year of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts of URACCAN Bluefields enclosure provide tutoring on community practices from the classroom to other university students, thus contributing to the strengthening of capacities and skills for life. This activity is part of the prevention protocol of this house of higher education.

This work is carried out in classrooms and is monitored by the Licda. Marsha Cuadra, practical class teacher. According to the Licda. Cuadra, "We know that tutoring among students is also an effective process that demonstrates the quality of learning that boys are receiving in the classroom, as well as increasing their self-esteem and efficiency as a professional."

Young people with experience in community practice share the knowledge an intern should know when providing their first individual clinical care, which consists of a clinical interview, how information is collected from the clinical interview, how the record is filled out, the mental exam, and will culminate in the intervention plan the patient should receive.

According to Cuadra, "we have seen that this initiative has been very valuable, therefore it is intended to continue with this type of exercises during all the educational processes of professionalization".

URACCAN teaches students to tutor, monitor and guide other students in the learnings they have received in the different institutions with which they have collaborated. Due to the health situation, community practices are stopped outside the premises.