Veterinary Medicine students perform surgical practices at the New Guinea campus
The population of the territory has shown great confidence in young veterinarians.
Judith Robleto

Boys and girls are accompanied at all times by qualified teachers.

The young students of the fifth year of Veterinary Medicine of URACCAN campus New Guinea are performing surgical practices in associated classes such as Applied Zootechnics and Clinic in Major Species.

According to Master Uriel Gutierrez, professor of the compound, "we are doing surgery on ovaries, cauterization and that certainly helps the boys for professional development, taking into account that they are fifth year, a very good group and the first to graduate from this enclosure".

Meanwhile, the young Luis José Moreno, believes that "in practice, we have performed the extraction of a transmissible venereal tumor (TVT), in a dog that has 4 births and was infected by another dog, THE TVT, is a sexually transmitted disease and when it is at an advanced stage it becomes cancer; in today's patient it was possible to detect in time to eliminate it and not to spread throughout the body; In addition, he was castrated to avoid intercourse with more dogs and to expand the disease."

Moreno also emphasizes the importance of doing this type of practice in the course of the career, ensuring that "these practices are of great importance, because they help us to link theory with practice and in addition to facing more cases and gain more experience, because one case does not resemble the other, and this allows us to compare what they explain in class and the reality of the practice".

In this same sense, the young Yeser Obando, owner of the dog patient, claims to have confidence in the work done by the student and his teacher. "I brought the puppy to do the castration process and take away some benign tumors because I found the confidence of a boy who checked it out and told me what I had and gave me the confidence to bring her here, firstly because they're in a learning process, but they're also with the supervision of their teacher, that gives me confidence and it's also free."

URACCAN offers the careers of Medina Veterinary and Engineering in Zootechnics, in high demand in the territory of New Guinea, which cover a professional field to promote and promote the development of the country, taking into account the sustainability policies of natural resources and the environment. In addition, it is part of the planning, control and evaluation of production processes and animal health, ensuring food safety and preventing disease transmission.