Students of the 2nd year of Civil Engineering perform surveying internships
Students at URACCAN Bilwi Precinct have demonstrated their resilience and best attitude to resume their lives after the tragedy.
Neylin Calderon

Endogenous and exogenous education from teaching-learning

In order to fulfill the teaching-learning that promotes the fusion between theory and practice, students of the second year of the career of Civil Engineering of URACCAN Bilwi enclosure hold practical class under the subject Topography II, taught by the teacher Noé Guadamuz.

According to Guadamuz, the student learns to know the longitudinal profile and cross sections of the road section of the university campus.

This type of internship helps students because being professionals they can work on these types of road infrastructure projects, the teacher said, "they must manage how to calculate the movement of land when building a road, right now that the sections that are doing here come, this whole process is done before , to be able to design what the road is going to look like, the levels that are going to be given to them and that's what we're trying to get them to learn," the teacher detailed.

URACCAN Mission and Vision Compliance: Sense of Relevance

For his part, the student William Orozco Restrepo, stated that this type of activities for students means developing and growing in knowledge, "it is very didactic, it is a practice very in the field, outside of theory is reinforced with the physical part and this is more emotional for us, as it gives us more interest than just theory, that makes us have more love for the career , and we're more interested."

The student also referred to the reconstruction of the university, after the passage of Hurricanes Eta and Iota, stating that URACCAN is a higher education institution, robustly and relevant to the needs of the peoples of nicaragua's Caribbean Coast. "The hurricane passed and since another catastrophe could have happened we must rise, we cannot leave all the burden to the Government to come and lift us, we get up and already on the way we are coming with the aid, but we will not depend only on the Government because it is to leave the full burden to the Government and that is not the idea, the idea is that we make the start (...) College shows how that interest we don't stop for that," said William Orozco.