Students in the 2nd year of Intercultural Medicine conduct Practical Examination by Competence
The evaluative activity was developed through five clinical stations.
Neylin Calderon

Compliance with the Respiratory System Module

26 students in the second year of the career of Intercultural Medicine of URACCAN Bilwi campus conducted a Practical Examination for Competence, where they had the opportunity to apply what they learned in the Respiratory System Module, as reported by Dr. Britgeth Sam, professor of Health Sciences.

This activity consisted of five clinical stations: the first was to evaluate the student with practical competencies, in the second season they carried out a more structured examination aimed at Clinical Semiology, the third and fourth seasons relate to the theme of the second, while in the fifth the practical clinical cases were evaluated, so that the student has his medical skills , explained the doctor.

This is done so that students of Intercultural Medicine from the first years of studies develop their skills and skills in being able to diagnose and do clinical management of patients, therapeutic management, in addition starts with the relationship between doctors and patients, emphasized Sam.

In order to evaluate the student

In this sense, Dr. Sam explained that at the end of each clinical module such examinations are performed, this time it was the second module of the second semester, which has to do with respiratory system I. "They are done from the second year to the 5 year of the race, in the 6 year OSLER is done, which is another type of practical examination, but aimed at a real patient, with real clinical cases, and the teacher to evaluate are higher-resolution teachers who are in hospital settings," Sam said.

It should be mentioned that the teaching evaluators for this examination that was performed in the area of Health Sciences of the Bilwi campus, were: Dr. Lynn Hansack, who is an internist physician, Dr. Doris Ingram, plastic surgeon, Dr. María Gutierrez, neonatologist, Dr. Gary Bushey, general physician, and Dr. Sobeyda Castro, family doctor.