Teachers of Health Sciences and Humanities conduct pre-defense of their own research
Through this methodology, research is built through coexistence with the community.
Neylin Calderon

Implementation of CCRISAC

Two new free research with the implementation of the methodology of own research, Cultivation and Breeding of Wisdoms and Knowledge (CCRISAC), were pre-defended before the Research Commission of URACCAN Bilwi enclosure. The managers were teachers in the area of Health Sciences and Humanities, Legal and Social Sciences.

Teacher Ivonne McLean, the academic secretary of the campus, said that, as academics and researchers, they are living a new experience because they were already used to doing it differently, now with CCRISAC it is done with a different perspective, from coexistence and collective construction with peoples and communities.

In addition, the implementation of CCRISAC is a process of returning information and that makes it more attractive to the community, "that it is not a process where I research as an academic to report that I am doing research, but goes beyond doing Western or traditional research," McLean said.

The research is entitled :"Knowing and medicinal practices in the face of the management of COVID-19 in miskitu seniors in the community of Kamla" and "Generational transmission of values and principles for coexistence with mother land of the Miskitu people of the community of Tuapi".