Systems Engineering Students Visit Radio W, New Guinea
Students appreciated this important learning experience.
Judith Robleto

Promoting fieldwork among students

Students of the third year of Systems Engineering of URACCAN campus New Guinea, as part of the subject of Digital Media, visited the facilities of Radio W, of this municipality. Hanier Morales Pérez, a professor in the area of Computer Science, says that through this activity "young people can dely de further into the knowledge of the software used in a radio like the W, which is equipped with modern technology".

Morales Pérez further stated that this "is a space that allows the boys to create new ideas of visualization of the real world, in a real environment and also open spaces of entrepreneurship".

Meanwhile, Weslin Luna, owner and manager of Radio W, invited young people to "always think big... it is very important to encourage young people to move forward, we are the living experience of what it is to fight, to strive to see a challenge fulfilled; that's why we invite young people to keep studying, to make them want to and follow their dreams."

In this sense, student Kevin Obregón, says that "A radio is a big part of the use and development of a community, the experience is very nice to know how the radio and channel are structured, and how it helps the Community of New Guinea; these experiences urge us to continue to grow, not to discourage us."

With regard to classes, Obregón says that "it is important to have come, because both channel and radio use programs purely important to our knowledge as systems engineers".

URACCAN's approach to the importance of knowing realities and how knowledge is applied are visible in practices such as that carried out, in a medium that has a modern technology, is also led by young entrepreneurs.