Students of Business Administration with mention in Banking and Finance visit the Central Bank of Nicaragua
This activity was coordinated by Professor Juan Herrera and fully supported by the authorities of the Las Minas enclosure.
Ricardo Guzmán, with the collaboration of maestro Juan Herrera

Support for these meaningful learning activities evidences URACCAN's Mission and Vision.

As part of the subjects of the Securities market and rules and laws of financial institutions, 17 students of the V year of Business Administration with mention in Banking and Finance and 3 teachers of URACCAN campus Las Minas visited the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) and participated in conferences on the legal framework, objectives, functions and organizational structure of this governance body , as well as its strategies for the design of monetary and exchange rate policy, and its main financial operations to "preserve the stability of the national currency and the normal development of domestic and external payments".

This important academic activity was coordinated by the teacher Juan Herrera and had the fundamental support of Vice-Chancellor of Las Minas, UNEN of the campus, Academic Secretariat and Coordination of the Faculty, whose efforts materialized in this deep and rewarding learning experience.

Students also toured the Rubén Darío Library and, through a guided tour, contemplated in the Numismatics Museum, where the coins and banknotes that Nicaragua has used throughout its history, since the use of cocoa as a currency in the pre-Columbian era are located.

One of the most emblematic moments of the visit to the NCB was the arrival of the president of this institution, Mr. Ovidio Reyes, who personally greeted the students and teachers of URACCAN Las Minas. The important official showed up to the Conference Room to share with young people and respond to their concerns, taking advantage of the recent issuance of C$5.00 banknotes, commemorating the 60-year founding of the NCB and sharing key elements on Professional Ethics and Stealth.

That moment was opportune for the student delegation to deliver a gift, on behalf of URACCAN, to the president of the NCB, as a sign of admiration and gratitude for the special attentions received. Also the President of the Banking Bank.

These activities, supported academically and financially by the university authorities, demonstrate URACCAN's commitment and Mission to "Train men and women with knowledge, knowledge, abilities, values, principles, humanist attitudes, a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation, in balance and harmony with Mother Earth for the strengthening of the Autonomy of Peoples".

List of participants


First and last names


Judeymi Amador Castle Conception


Julio César Abelino Díaz


Miury Rukbbelia Aguilar López


Izmir Antonio Bobadilla Alvarado


Deling Nolieth Centeno Garcia


Elba del Carmen Flores Hernández


Karla Raquel García Quintanilla


Tatiana Lisbeth García Velasquez


Eduardo López Navarrete


Aracely López Ochoa


Lisaura Solibeth Mairena Orozco


Aracely Orozco López


Maria Zulema Palacios Alaníz


Adanelia of the Aráuz Lightning Relief


Yesmin Yessenia Vivas Padilla


Dania Lilieth Vega Valdivia


Victor Gutierrez Garmendia


Wesley Javier Sequeira Heat


Juan Antonio Herrera Urbina


Scarleth Isabel Altamirano Garcia