Innovative students submit website project to ADIFIN
Young people from the Las Minas campus present project to ADIFIN members.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

The aim of the project is to promote the skills and abilities of people with disabilities

The project "Virtual Road for the Life of People with Disabilities" was presented to the Association of Physical Motors of Nicaragua (ADIFIN), by a team of URACCAN students at the Las Minas campus, who designed a virtual platform to promote the skills and talent of this social group.

The coordinator of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Kiulna", Joel Montenegro, stated that "there has been work in coordination with the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM) and thus do an effective and useful job for the guild with disabilities in the municipality".

He added that this would provide opportunities for people with disabilities, as this plan could run training workshops, courses, employment opportunities, as well as managing project opportunities.

Also, the Msc. Ada Madrigal of CEIMM said the process of innovation for social transformation has been strengthened from a gender intercultural perspective, through support for the platform.

"It is practically aimed at promoting the economic entrepreneurship of people with disabilities, it will have a catalogue of the main economic skills and skills that people with disabilities perform in Siuna, from the intercultural perspective of gender, in addition there will be a whole process of mutual learning," Madrigal said.

Edwin Zeledón Ochoa, an ADEFIN member, said it is a good opportunity for people with disabilities to become known, because "there are people who perform very well in different jobs, that is why we must show availability when providing the information."

"This depends on us being recognized by society and having effective inclusion, we no longer want them to have stereotypes about our skills, we must not remain stagnant," he concluded.