URACCAN students strengthen guild ties through cultural festival
Students from the New Guinea venue, witnessing from the virtuality the celebration of their day.
Algiers Hernandez, Josselyn Flores and Judith Robleto

Commemorating Nicaraguan Student Day

With a warm welcome greeting from the excellent rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, the Virtual Cultural Festival began in commemoration of Student Day, as part of the activities promoted from Rectory and the UNESCO Chair to revitalize the culture of the peoples. The celebration took place on July 23 at the Bluefields campus, with the participation of all campuses and extensions of this university.

The PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the New Guinea precinct, explained that historically students have played an important role and that "celebrating on July 23 implies a whole process of participatory action and the struggle of the student; in principle, in actions against the Soochistic military dictatorship, then participating in Science and Production Day, and the 1980 literacy process was mainly on the shoulders of students," the professor recalled.

In this regard, Dr. Hooker highlighted the important task of the team led from Student Welfare and the National Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN-URACCAN), to articulate this commemorative event, without bypassing the current context and protecting the health of the university community.

"I want to congratulate your creativity, because it is a way to strengthen autonomy, keep our culture alive, and continue to paddle the ship of Autonomy, which has already sailed and waits for young people to push that effort that our elders have begun in the Nicaraguan Caribbean," she said.

Historical memory and student feeling

Félix Aráuz, president of UNEN at the Las Minas compound, said that this day "encourages us to continue to strengthen our studies and that of our colleagues, because history reminds us in 1959 of the deaths of four students in the city of León, and thanks to that event today we enjoy many benefits."

Enrique Saballo, a student of Agroforestry Engineering, stated that "from the intercultural perspective of URACCAN we feel deeply cheerful and at the same time committed to our study house and the student movement, to continue working hand in hand in coordination with our authorities, to continue to reap more triumphs".

The English student at the Las Minas compound, Gladys Díaz, said that "celebrating this day means rewarding so many students who were victims for the political situation of the time and that thanks to them today we can enjoy those privileges for which we once fought and for which we will continue to fight."

Dancing, singing and poetry

Between sensual movements, cultural songs and a lot of costeño flavor, the URACCAN dance group hanoticed the act with the Garifuna chant "Waguchi Bungiu", delighting the audience who followed the live broadcast through social media and media.

The overthrow of culture by the dance group was palpable until the culmination of the event, closing with the dance of the "Tulululu".

Also noteworthy was the participation of the Presagio Cultural Movement, of the Las Minas venue, whose representatives reveled in a poetic recital, highlighting the creative talent of URACCAN students.

Live streaming by the communication team

URACCAN's intercultural communication team guaranteed all the live broadcast of this important virtual cultural event and thanks to its hard work it reached the entire university community, the Costeña population and crossed our borders through the official URACCAN facebook page.