URACCAN participates in II RIESC-Acacia International Interuniversity Meeting
Phd. Blanca Nevai Centeno Bravo, director of CADEP-URACCAN.
Judith Robleto

Universities share initiatives for vocational training

The Intercultural Community University, within the framework of the Network of Higher Education Institutions with Centro Acacia, CADEP-URACCAN, participated in the international interuniversity dialogue RIESC-Acacia, in coordination with the National Pedagogical University of Colombia, part of the campaign "Ideas that promote lives".

The line of online dialogues, where 14 universities that make up the network participated, was set in the direction of CADEPs for virtual learning during the pandemic; therefore, the meaning of Acacia centers was raised in improving accessible and affective learning environments, designed to promote academic performance and reduce student desertation in higher education institutions in Latin America.

In addition, it addressed how CADEP materials collaborate with the needs of online learning and adapt to the requirements of different institutions, with the aim of sharing initiatives that support vocational training during the global pandemic context.

This meeting was attended by the PhD. Olga Lucía León, general coordinator of RIESC-Acacia, Of the Francisco José de Caldes District University; PhD. Mailing Rivera Lam, director of CADEP Acacia at the University of Antofagasta; PhD. Sandra Esperanza Méndez, director of CADEP Acacia of Francisco José Caldas District University, Dr. Maximiliano Prada, coordinator of the Inter-Agency Doctorate in Education of the National Pedagogical University; PhD. Blanca Nevai Centeno Bravo, director of CADEP and full-time professor at the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), who delveed into the process of building CADEPs within the framework of the Acacia project within this institution.