"Bottle Collection" campaign

By: Neylin Calderón

Students from the 2nd year of URACCAN's Multicultural Context Psychology degree at the Bilwi campus, who were previously trained as health promoters for malaria prevention, conducted a cleaning day, collecting plastic packaging in the New Jerusalem neighborhood of Bilwi, Nicaragua's Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region.

This activity is coordinated by the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC-URACCAN), in conjunction with the organization Huellas Caribeñas who have had the initiative to develop garbage depots that to place them in strategic locations in the city of Bilwi under the campaign: "Bottle collection".

In this regard, the young Jovi Omely, representative of the Caribbean Footprints Organization, explained that this campaign is being carried out with the main objective of collecting plastic bottles in order to be used for the creation of recycled dumpsters, "to be able to place them in specific points within Bilwi, since there are no containers for garbage, the university and Huellas Caribeña is doing it for the good of the people , to contribute to society and raise awareness to change the lifestyle," Omely said.

Preventing the spread of malaria

Student Yunaysi Taylor said that from URACCAN they are doing this hard work to support the elimination of stilt hatcheries that cause the spread of malaria, "we are collecting garbage, which are plastic bottles to recycle."

Meanwhile, that Reyna Corrales Rodríguez, student of the second year of Psychology expressed that this problem of garbage is everyone's responsibility and all "help us minimize the amount of garbage that is in the different places in Bilwi, because excess garbage is too much and what we are doing is only a small help", the student emphasized.