Eighth Student Congress

By: José Garth Medina

With more than 350 students from the four campuses and the four university extensions of URACCAN on the North and South Caribbean Coast, it began on the morning of this Sunday, February 23, 2020, on the Siuna campus of the Las Minas Campus, the Eighth Student Congress, URACCAN 2020, which is accompanied by the authorities of this house of higher education and departmental and municipal authorities.

Leonor Ruiz Calderon, Ph.D., vice-chancellor of URACCAN Las Minas welcomed students to the university congress under the motto, "By strengthening the autonomy of peoples and the university, UNEN URACCAN remains in unity".

The vice-chancellor noted that, "this is a space that has been designed to share, to know us, but also to exchange experiences from the work of each of its territories, from diversity".

Ruíz Calderon added that this is also a space to reflect on the role that we each have in this university and from there contribute to the strengthening of the model of intercultural community university.

"Also reflect on how we support each other for the common good, cultivate our thoughts of reciprocity, to bring the challenges that arise, we hold hands we are stronger that is unity giving our best contributions and giving us a pleasant experience," she said.

Strengthening our identities

Johana Altamirano President of UNEN at URACCAN Las Minas, welcomed each of the students who have bequeathed the different territories to this university congress.

"This is one of the most emblematic congresses of the intercultural community university on nicaragua's Caribbean Coast, and in Las Minas for the third time this meeting is held that brings us together as one family that we are.

The student leader said that this congress is for each of us and us, an opportunity to strengthen our identities through coexistence by creating spaces where interculturality highlights as a fundamental axis in our university.