As part of the activities in the month of International Women's Day

By: Josselyn Flores

Under the slogan "I don't want to feel brave when I go out on the street I want to feel free", the area of Education and Language Sciences, held a space of reflection with first and third year students of Biology, of the URACCAN Bluefields Campus, this in commemoration of international women's day.

URACCAN teacher Rigoberto Rostran explained that "in commemoration of this celebration we decided to have this exchange of experiences, and information due to high rate of violence against women, which is being lived in our society, in the last three months of this year," she said.

In this space was also made the presentation of murals allusive to date, poetry was declaimed and songs were performed, all in honor of the woman.

Velia Sevilla, from the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM), provided up-to-date statistical data on reported cases of violence.

In the seville exhibition, she highlighted the adversity faced by women on the Caribbean Coast in order to succeed, as many are culturally discriminated against, because of their ethnic origin, or by speaking a different language, "make fun of them when they cannot utter a few words in Spanish," he noted.

Seville stated, "These spaces are of importance to every woman, it is necessary for women to attend these assemblies to inform themselves and know their rights and claim if they are not being fulfilled".

For this house of intercultural higher education studies, promoting these spaces of knowledge concertation are important, according to Professor Rostran, "As teachers we reflect on this subject that will take place in our society since the education provided by URACCAN is both academic and humanist", he mentioned.

The teacher stressed the importance of continuing to empower our students to create a better society, "so that from their day to day they change the mentality in which we are going through, since a sexist society is not an equal society, we must break those schemes, women must take on prominence, and break that silence of violence and men must accompany women in this process of their empowerment and vindication of rights, on this path we complement each other and we need to improve the day-to-day life of our society and make a change from our practices to have a fairer society," he concluded.