Promoting good spiritual practices

By. Josselyn Flores.

The University of the Autonome Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), promoting good spiritual practices from the staff of the Bluefields compound, was held healing and harmonization session of the first trimester.

According to teacher Grace Kelly coordinator IMTRADEC, the body in charge of coordinating the ceremony, different types of healing processes have been underway, "there have been times when we have used psychology, reflection, relaxation exercises, taking into account the part of our spiritual life," she said.  

Kelly stated that "on this occasion, given the need felt by workers, we chose to do so from a purely spiritual perspective, and decided to use pastors to conduct this process, when it is psychological, we resorted to psychology, in this case we wanted to do it with the Bible; the goal was to bring them to reflection as a person, what they need to continue this year 2020," he explained.

Reflection of institutional walking from the collective

In the same sense the vice-chancellor of the venue, teacher Diala López expressed that for URACCAN, "these spaces serve to reflect individually and collectively, on the importance of work in unity and coexistence in harmony, if we work under the harmony and presence of our lord as a spiritual guide, allows us to continue in this walk as a university, this collective of the hand contributing to the development and strengthening of our institution , and contributing together to the development of the peoples of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast," he said.  

With songs, biblical passages, and reflection by the Reverend Eli Simeons, the objective of this religious ceremony was achieved, bringing participants closer to spirituality, fostering forgiveness and a better coexistence in the social and work sphere, of those who perform in this house of Intercultural Higher Studies.

Likewise, the Reverend urged to share this message of reflection with their families and friends, this to have harmony, in the environment in which they live daily.