Institutional walking in Bluefields

By: Josselyn Flores

As part of the institutional work of the first intercultural community university URACCAN, the Technical Councils of Campus (CTR) are held where academic topics are addressed and analyzed based on the work that is done from each area.

That is why at the Bluefields campus, the second session of the Technical Council of this 2020 was held, where the four coordinations of areas, representative of Student Welfare, vice-chancellor, academic registration, the area of SITICI, Information Technology System and Institutional Communication, responsible for Library, as well as representative of the soil and water laboratory were included. Those who integrate this academic valuation process.

According to teacher Heidy Guillén, academic secretary "the goal this March was to see the percentage of enrollments in the first half of 2020, which was presented by the academic registration area by teacher Diana Joyas, who provided data by careers, and academic levels, of the number of students enrolled, to do a comparison analysis with the year 2019".

In the same sense, the presentation of the process of operation of the Psychology laboratory, for students and teachers, was also carried out in how the hours of care will be established, and the articulation of the academy towards the laboratory, in which students of this career will be able to do practices and research that they require.

Another topic covered was training students on database use, provided by the library area and by SITICI, on virtual objects and learning.

In the same context and development of the CTR, general information was also provided by the vice-chancellor of the dialy López master site on the activities that are intended to be carried out in the following months; as well as the orientation of following the student by the teachers.