SITICI trains Bluefields campus teaching guild
Mr. Yader Fajardo, Coordinator of Educational Technology at the Bluefields Campus.
Josselyn Flores

Educational continuity in the face of the crisis

The Bluefields Campus Institutional Information and Communication Technology System (SITICI) trained full-time teachers and schedules in the use of URACCAN's virtual platform and the design of online assessments for the completion of the first semester.

In this regard, Mr. Yader Fajardo, coordinator of Educational Technology of the campus, explained that the training is based "on the construction of questionnaires for the final evaluation, as part of the culmination of the first semester of the 2020 school year".

Session results

"The objective of that session was successfully achieved, in which everyone complied with the creation of their questionnaires," said Mr. Fajardo.

The commitment to the next trainings is to follow up pedagogically, so access will be given to each of the courses for verification that the questionnaires are correctly embodied in the virtual environment.

In the same way, work will be done on the completion of test questionnaire to know the procedure of evaluation to students.

Commitment to education

In the same context, the entire process of monitoring the virtual media in which the subjects of the careers will be completed continues on campus, guaranteeing the education of the student.

Therefore, coordinations are maintained in communication with the student population, informing according to the guidelines provided by the authorities of this house of higher education.