SENCOM trains Kiulna Center in photovoltaic system management
Member of SENCOM in the process of training URACCAN Las Minas team.
Algiers Hernandez

Energy project continuity

Having officially delivered the solar panel project to the "Kiulna" Center of the Las Minas enclosure, SENCOM trained those in charge of the operation of this photovoltaic system.

"The purpose of the captaincy is that some technical concepts about the system can be managed; The training involves seven people, including the maintenance team as well as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship team," said Joel Montenegro, coordinator of the Kiulna Centre in Las Minas.

"Training consists of knowing what renewable energy is and what they help us with, what they benefit the environment and how they improve the quality of life, but above all it is trying to explain the operability of the equipment," explained Mr. Daniel Hidalgo, head of SENCOM.

"In addition to knowing its functionality, we will know the generating capacity in kilowatt, the storage system through the batteries, as well as the applications that we will have with this new hybrid power system," Montenegro reported.

This system will be in charge of the ready-made team of the Las Minas campus, but the company that carried out the installation of the panels will continue to provide accompaniment through remote control, which is part of the innovative advances that the Kiulna Center has.