All ready for the inauguration

By: Radio URACCAN Siuna

A total of 15 teams, 8 in the men's category and 7 in the women's category, will participate in the II modified softball inter-agency league, organized by URACCAN from its University Campus Las Minas on its Siuna campus, dedicated to Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, rector of this higher education house.

In this sense, the organizers of the league have decided to dedicate this second season to the rector Hooker for her "Invaluable support for sport for the recreation of the university community of URACCAN and the strengthening of interinstitutional relations and culture of peace in the construction of intercultural citizenships".

They hold a congress

This afternoon, representatives of the 15 teams participated in the technical congress, where they presented the list of their hairdressers and esquelas, in addition to agreeing the rules that govern this championship, leaving everything ready for the inauguration, to be held this Saturday with a parade, which will depart at seven in the morning, from Rosita junction to the playing field at the headquarters of this university venue.

According to Uriel Blanco, coordinator of the sports area, this league seeks to keep outstanding veteran athletes active, "We have seen that once the modified league of veterans ends, they no longer have nowhere to have fun and only the young people in the free baseball category remained and as our field becomes vacant, then that's why we thought about opening this inter-agency , so that veterans stay active in what we like and our authorities supported this proposal," Blanco said.

League growth

In addition, the official noted that the league has been well valued by the players and their team representatives and as a sign of that he emphasized that the first season had the participation of 10 teams and in this second season 5 more teams have been registered.

This tournament is a great challenge for the teams, but also an opportunity to share, the inaugural games will be a tough test of the current champions and sub-champions, in case of the men's category the inaugural game will be URACCAN vs Police and in the URACCAN vs Wany women's category.

The teams participating in the league in the men's category are URACCAN, MINSA, National Police, Friends, Mechanics, Caribbean, Taxi drivers and MEFCCA, while in the women's category are: URACCAN, MINSA, MEFCCA, National Police, Wany, Floripón, and UML.