A commitment that bets on educational continuity

By: Judith Robleto

Through the coordination between URACCAN, from its university campus in New Guinea, the Ministry of Education (Mined) and the National Institute of Technology (Inatec), the Second Vocational Fair was developed, with the presence of the last year student of the Alejandro Vega Matus, Rubén Darío Institute and Salinas Pinell schools, of the municipality.

The event was attended by the university community of the host campus, who set out to serve the more than 150 young people, among students, teachers and Staff of the Mined, in the case of coordinations and area managers, made timely presentations of their areas of work.

In addition, the authorities of the venue welcomed everyone, inviting to feel at home, mentioning that "This Intercultural Community University welcomes you, is the university that according to its rating is among the top 4 in the country and that is also part of our cover letter", said the deputy vice-chancellor of the venue, Dr. Eugenio López, to those present , also ensuring that the careers offered by this studio house are careers designed and designed to the context and need of the region.

An option of quality and relevance to professionalize

For her part, teacher Kayla Flores, representing the Ministry of Education in New Guinea, thanked URACCAN for the will and willingness to receive the large group of young people, commenting that "For us it is an honor to be able to share this learning process at this vocational orientation fair that has as its main objective to ensure the educational continuity of our high schoolers 2019" Assured.

He also referred to URACCAN as "An excellent university, in this university there is quality, and above all it points to comprehensive education and intercultural education which is what we need in our professionals," Flores added.

Similarly, Elizabeth Mejía, a fifth-year student at Salinas Pinell School, referred to the event as "A very important event because we are told, not only of the opportunities when studying at URACCAN, its benefits and spaces of study; but invites us to self-assess ourselves to be sure what we want to study to improve our lives," he said.