Student community participation

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN, from its Bilwi university campus, has a special education program called the Leadership School, where young people from the indigenous communities of Puerto Cabezas are trained for development as leaders and leaders, carrying out activities that strengthen their academic, professional and personal skills and abilities.

In this sense, each year an academic festival is held with the purpose of "being able to share with all young people and be able to exchange experiences with young people from another school, so that they can feel motivated," argued teacher Ivania Simons, principal of the Leadership School.

In 2019, the third festival was held and dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the URACCAN, "here you can demonstrate your talents, skills that you have acquired in this training process and so they can also be in an environment where you feel recreated," said teacher Ivania.

Among the activities carried out there were songs allusive to Miskita culture, among the academic talents in the different subjects the students demonstrated through poetry that they are experts in language and literature, in artistic expression represented it through songs and dances and in the leadership subject performed a drama partner. In addition, the queen representative of the Leadership School at the secondary education level was elected, in this activity participated 6 young people in order to foster the roots of leaders.