Rector of URACCAN reports that on November 25 the classes are restarted at the Bilwi venue
Thanks to the efforts of the rector Hooker this studio house is in the process of rehabilitation to continue serving the peoples of the Caribbean Coast.
Neylin Calderon

Preparations to welcome you to the student community

URACCAN's bilwi campus facilities were severely affected by the passage of the two powerful hurricanes, ETA and IOTA; for that reason classes had been suspended, to avoid human losses. However, on Tuesday, November 24, URACCAN Rector Dr. Alta Hooker held a meeting with the campus authorities and her faculty to carry out a message of encouragement and optimism, and to report that from Wednesday 25 of the same month academic life will continue, in view of the needs of the student community.

Dr. Alta Hooker gave words of encouragement and strength, and appreciated the will in which they have arranged their time to lift the university campus. At every lung he shouted, "Who are we?" to which the teaching staff replied: "URACCAN, URACCAN".

According to teacher Letisia Castillo, academic director of URACCAN, there have been impacts on infrastructure, but also on the emotional side and that from this alma mater has been seen as a great challenge to overcome, "we are an intercultural community university, but with resilience, with the power to move forward, with a desire to continue fulfilling the Mission and Vision of our university" Castillo said.

The purpose of the meeting was to verify the entire training process that the Bilwi campus student community has had and therefore assess what it takes to meet the 2020 academic year, when starting classes in January, that gives a big advantage in the significant progress of the school year , explained the academic.

"We have to show that we can get on our backs and move on, and we have to do it tomorrow restarting with classes and that resumption of classes means that we can welcome our students back and that they can finish their academic year, the promise we made to them at the beginning of the year, which would be a not very easy academic year , with her stumbles, but we can get up," said Master Castillo.

Student Community Care Plan

Teacher Ivonne McLean, academic secretary of the Bilwi campus, said that during this assembly the post-hurricane care plan was presented to the entire student community, and thus be able to successfully complete the 2020 school year, "there is a commitment from each and every teacher to meet the academic calendar, which has varied a little , but we will be able to meet the offer and the teaching organization."

The academic also referred to the classrooms that will be used to fulfill academic work, where she stated that part of the revival of the venue has been the identification of the spaces that provide the minimum conditions, because there are many classrooms completely destroyed, "then, those spaces we will not use them", he said.

"We have identified the two spaces we have in the Community Channel, as classrooms; we have the auditorium of the Bilwi Clinic (which are lending it to us), also a learning space; we have 3 classrooms in the Bilwi Clinic Training Center, which we will also continue because we have already started there teaching, we have the medical building, which did not suffer much damage but the final part of the building, so, the whole other part we can use, we are enabling the boarding school room, to teach, there we have slate , chairs, tables, also the Intercultural Classroom," McLean explained.