Las Minas Campus works in pre-planning process 2021
To articulate its Institutional Strategic Plan, URACCAN made a detailed consultation process.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

The University Management System has been fundamental throughout this process.

URACCAN enclosure Las Minas worked for three days in the pre-planning process with all its areas, institutes and centers. This is a process that is done in URACCAN to establish the main actions and activities to be developed in each of the areas, in order to ensure compliance with the Institutional Strategic Plan that is projected to a decade and is key to achieving the goals that they set in the great consultation to all sectors of the company.

The Msc. María Cristina Feliciano, Coordinator of Institutional Planning and Analysis at URACCAN Las Minas, said that work is carried out according to the Strategic Plan, as "activities are planned before 2021, to ensure the fulfillment of the goals".

The University Management System (SGU) is the online platform that contains institutional planning in URACCAN, it leaves the activities established digitally and from the automated system the POA of each venue is tracked.

Pre-planning is also a process that is documented online and is where the different areas and departments of the university work to have the activities in 2021.

The Msc. Adrián Puerta Chavarría, Director of Institutional Planning and Analysis at URACCAN, shared with all areas through a video the whole process to follow in the institutional pre-planning that was carried out throughout URACCAN.

In the case of the Las Minas venue, the María Cristina Feliciano master's degree circulated a video that was key to facilitating the pre-planning process that took place in this enclosure. In the pre-planning carried out from the SGU, the processes must be well detailed, the activities with their means of verification and with the inclusion of the budget.

URACCAN, from its model of intercultural community university and pre-planning to ten years, made a process of consultations that included Caribbean society, national and international actors, which are of great relevance to the walk of this house of higher education.