Students of Education Sciences take undergraduate exams
URACCAN contemplates, as forms of completion of studies: research-action, monograph and undergraduate examination.
Neylin Calderon

One of the forms of completion of studies

Nine students of the Bachelor of Education Sciences with mention in Language and Literature of URACCAN Bilwi enclosure performed undergraduate examination as a form of completion of studies, stipulated in the Institutional Regulations.

According to teacher Ivania Simons, coordinator of the area of Education Sciences and Languages, graduates chose to take a undergraduate exam because most are inhabitants of communities or other municipalities, who find it difficult to be present at the university.

Among the methodologies used in URACCAN for completion of studies are: research-action, monograph and undergraduate examination. "During this week the three modalities have been performed," she said.

Simons further stated that the requirements for undergraduate examination are as follows: "first to be graduated, not to have administrative accounts, to be academically solvent and for students on their own to be convinced that that is really what they want."

It should be mentioned that from this area, there are still graduates who lack to carry out their work of completion of studies, "we work from the area in the process of following the graduates, and well, these are the results that we have put to walk and the graduates are presenting to complete (...); with education science students we are giving them a specialized process because they find it hard to return," Simons examined.

The students who had this opportunity correspond to Reina Isabel Francisco, Marisol Dixon, Waleska Félix, Sonia Mendoza, Floria Gómez, Isabel Martínez, Darwin Dixon and Marvin Méndez.