Youth representations of innovation and technology

By: Betty Omier

As part of the celebration of the XXV Anniversary of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), the Bluefields universirary enclosure, in coordination with the Regional Secretariat of Youth, articulate and plan the realization of a Technological Fair.

Professor Francisco Dans, coordinator of the area of Economic and Administrative Sciences, said that the technology fair is scheduled for Thursday, September 26 in Reyes de la Ciudad Park and aims to foster in students a culture of creating, designing and undertaking technological projects, which allows them to obtain tools to perform in the world of work.

This time there are the participation of students of the Administrative Informatics career, who will present end-of-course work on the technological side, will also participate in the company Comtech, who will share on the boost of robotics and innovation in Nicaragua.

In addition, the Uerpers Nicaragua Community will be in charge of training young people to undertake virtual businesses, creating websites, e-commerces, among others. In addition, young entrepreneurs from the Youth Secretariat will participate, presenting different businesses through courses and workshops.