URACCAN students share with Austrian students

By: José Garth Medina

Students of Social Sciences in Local Development of URACCAN, in their university campus Las Minas, Siuna campus, held a meeting with two Austrian students, Selin Baran and Alexander Fuertner, who shared on the sustainable development goals of the Organization of Unity Nations (UN).

According to Teacher Lilia Montoya Leal, coordinator of the area of Social Sciences, Humanities and Legal Sciences of URACCAN Las Minas, she said that the objective is to draw on the knowledge and experience that the two Austrian students have in the field of Sustainable Development.

"They, from their experience, are being formed in International Development and it is very important that they can share with Local Development students, that it allows them to see and analyze the Millennium Development Goals," she said.

International students addressed each of the objectives with students and discussed how important each is to social processes in Latin America.

"The important thing here is that our students must be clear about these global goals so that based on them they can advance community projects and programs," Montoya added.

URACCAN since its mission and vision highlights the importance of developing processes of exchange and mobility of students and teachers that strengthen the knowledge and learning of the university community.