Intercultural dialogue

By: Betty Omier

URACCAN, through its Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URACCAN), conducts a conversation on gender-based violence with multi-ethnic women in Bluefields to learn about their survival and resilience strategies.

This activity is carried out as part of the creation of spaces of dialogue that allows women, survivors and / or victims of violence, to share the different forms they have used to deal with the traumatic events they have experienced in their lives, that is, the resilience strategies used in the face of adversity.

This activity involves members of the Commission on the Elimination of Discrimination, Gender-Based Violence and Other Related Intolerances of URACCAN, Women of Civil Society.

The participants are from the city of Bluefields, the Bluff and Pearl Lagoon. URACCAN, through its initiatives and processes of intercultural community accompaniment, promotes intercultural gender perspective and dialogue, as including forms of social relevance.