URACCAN trains professionals with quality, warmth and relevance

By: Judith Robleto

Commitment, teamwork and willingness was the result of professionalizing practices that 15 young students of Intercultural Nursing with mention in Epidemiology of URACCAN. The authorities of URACCAN campus New Guinea, from the early morning hours of Thursday 13 November traveled to the city of Juigalpa, Chontales; where they would hold a meeting with the management of the Silais Chontales and students of Intercultural Nursing with mention in Epidemiology, where they carry out their internships in this city.

Assertive communication

With a charisma of great kindness and respect was received the delegation of New Guinea by Dr. Dilma María Siria Urbina, director of the Silais Chontales, who repeatedly referred to her willingness to work with the university in the formation of the study of the health branch.

"Framed in our family and community health model and based mainly on the epidemiological aspects of the health situation of the population in the Pacific and Atlantic where URACCAN is located, young people have performed in the best way, with a high capacity in the sense of the availability of willfulness, of the requirement of their own self-study , in wanting to learn, to want to implement all those elements that leave and highlight the performance to raise the quality of care for every inhabitant of our territory," Dr. Syria told the URACCAN authorities.

For his part, Dr. Eugenio López, vice-chancellor of the campus thanked the willingness and contribution of this ministry of health to the training of the student, commenting that "We value very positive the fact of the agreement that the ministry of health has with the university, is what has allowed us to get here and be able to achieve these learnings, to be able to open these doors that strengthen the process of training nurses in this specialty" Assured.

In this sense, the teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the campus, joined in thanking the Ministry of Health, ensuring that "Being a first experience, it has been extremely satisfying to have her support to make this a reality, which for us is a dream come true", He detailed.

The visit was given to each of the group's rotation sites, divided from 5 to 5 for each job; SILAIS management surveillance and work, fieldwork in health and work positions at the Asunción hospital in Juigalpa.