Science, social development for transformation

By: José Garth Medina

As part of the processes of strengthening teaching-learning, in URACCAN campus Las Minas, the University Day of Scientific Development (JUDC) 2019 is held, with more than 28 research works developed by engineering students in systems, which have been implemented locally in Siuna, according to the master Jasmil Castillo Martínez, coordinator of the area of Science Technology and Environment of URACCAN Las Minas.

In addition, academic commented that this JUDC 2019, is the culmination of a research process in various subjects, which guarantees greater learning in their careers, strengthening their research and entrepreneurship and innovation skills.

Research development

For their part, the participating students recognized that this process allows them to know, learn and improve their knowledge, as well as contribute, from research and the theory-practice process on topics of social interest.

The JUDC is seen as a space to create and recreate endogenous and exogenous knowledge identified in the pedagogical model of URACCAN, developed from the experience gained in institutional laboratories, communities, accompaniment with producers, and the application of their traditional knowledge and scientific knowledge, achieving a combination that translates into having a better learning, emphasized Dr. Leonor Ruiz Calderón , vice-chancellor of URACCAN Las Minas precinct.

Finally, Dr. Ruiz greeted all the students who participate in the university day, ingsting them to continue researching and working from their spaces, contributing to the strengthening of the URACCAN, the communities and the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.