Hold briefings with the Bilwi campus student community
student leaders, section presidents and presidents and campus authorities.
Neylin Calderon

Class classroom presidents participated

Naha ra ba skul smalkanka daknika wina ta uplika wahbi sakan nani ba banghwi kan

Authorities of URACCAN Bilwi campus held, on Thursday, an informative assembly with representatives of the student community of this university campus, where classroom presidents had the opportunity to learn about the main activities that have been carried out in compliance with the 2020 Annual Operational Plan.

Jehú Castro, representative of the URACCAN Student Movement in this compound, stated that, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the assembly was organized only with class classroom representatives, then they and they will have the task of feedbacking the information with the rest of the student community.

Security measures implemented in the Bilwi compound

While Rubel Chamorro, student president of URACCAN, reported that since rectory of this university, prevention materials have been delivered to students of the Intercultural Medicine career, with the purpose of protecting their lives, "since the beginning of the second semester it has been articulating with the university, with the authorities, to see how we can improve student care".

For his part, Dr Enrique Cordón, vice-chancellor of the compound, said that all safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), and in the case of Nicaragua, the Ministry of Health, should continue to be implemented.

In addition, Cordón argued that, on the part of the university, what has been done to protect Caribbean families has been the implementation of physical estating, the use of masks mandatory, the placement of new sinks so that the entire university community has access to hygiene measures, mainly oriented the modality per meeting, where classes are mostly taught through the virtual platform of the URACCAN.

Finally, Master Abner Figueroa, coordinator of the Institutional Planning area of the campus, presented to the student the main activities that have been carried out in this first half of 2020, also publicized the functions of each URACCAN state.