Veterinary Medicine Students Support Canine Vaccination Day in Siuna
Group of URACCAN university students collaborating with the Ministry of Health and the area of Epidemiology.
José Garth Medina

Partnerships that strengthen learning processes

A total of 24 veterinary medicine students at URACCAN Las Minas are supporting the Canine Vaccination Day conducted by the Government of Nicaragua through the Ministry of Health and the Epidemiology area of the Carlos Centeno Hospital in Siuna, for two days, dr. Iván Jarquín, teacher of that career in the enclosure, reported.

Dr. Jarquín reported that vaccination takes place in Siuna, in the Reparto Olivero, San Pablo and Pedro Joaquín Chamorro neighborhoods, sector 3, where they expect to vaccinate about 600 dogs.

The rabies vaccine is being applied to canines four months of age and older. Veterinary Medicine students are applying the initial vaccine and in some cases are revaccinating.

"It seems to me that it is a challenge that we can continue to strengthen the processes of training human talent in the midst of the pandemic, taking all prevention measures to ensure the health of students," Dr Jarquin said.

The doctor also explained that in certain areas such as Veterinary Medicine and other careers theory is decisive with practice and this process strengthens the practice of students.

Joiner Aguilar Gonzales, one of the university students, said that the practice they perform because it allows them to be useful to the city is important, is a humanitarian action that motivates them to continue their studies.

Dr. Elvin Centeno, Director of Epidemiology at Carlos Centeno Hospital in Siuna, said that the participation of URACCAN students has been very important to the Ministry of Health, because they contribute to the community, since these processes that are of great importance to the population of Siuna