Opening of election campaign at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Opening of election campaign at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Opening of election campaign at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Josselyn Flores

Complying with the Electoral Calendar

As part of the process of calendaring activities established by the URACCAN Electoral Committee for these elections of institutional authorities for the period 2021-2026, the election campaign was opened by each of the candidates and candidates for positions of Rectory, Vice-Chancellor General and Vice-Rectory of the campus, at the level of each of the university campuses.

In the same sense, the MSc. Silvan Fagan, delegate of the electoral committee at the Bluefields venue, explained that "on 25 January the electoral calendar established by the University Council of URACCAN (CUU), which is strictly followed, was published," he said.

According to Fagan, these activities are covered by the work plans of each of the candidates and candidates for institutional positions, "so far we are complying well with the timetable and work dynamics established by the electoral committee," he added

Fagan also explained that according to the methodology that candidates put into their work plans, the electoral committee makes the necessary coordinations to ensure that they manage to execute them, such as permits to inform students about their campaigns and each activity that may involve the university community," he said.

"We are also accompanying and monitoring compliance with election and campaign regulations, so as not to affect any of the candidates. This was presented to them, in previous trainings, where we inform them what their rights, duties and responsibilities should be for each process," he concluded

Campaign presentation

According to this established regulations, in URACCAN bluefields venue began the presentation of campaign candidates, with the participation of students and work teams, who enjoyed a recreational afternoon and a cultural waste.

One of the fundamental objectives of this electoral process is to ensure that it is a true civic and democratic holiday, with good results in the election of our authorities, in order to strengthen this institution of Intercultural Higher Education.