Accompaniment and articulation with Afro-descendant territories of Bluefields
Working session with Creole Community Government at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Working session with Creole Community Government at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Josselyn Flores

As part of the inter-agency coordination between URACCAN, from the Institute of Natural Resources Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES-URACCAN), and the Tapir Nicaragua Project, for the implementation of the Tapir conservation project, the second working meeting was held to establish mechanisms and strategies for environmental processes in The Creole territory.

Working session with Creole Communal Government

This session was attended by members of the Creole Territorial Government of Bluefields and authorities of this house of intercultural higher education.

In this regard, teacher Xiomara Treminio stated that "these coordination activities are done together out of respect for the different territories for the implementation of the project of conservation and preservation of the species in Creole territory of Bluefields", she explained.

In addition, Terminio added that two sessions have been held with the board of directors of the Creole Communal Government, "which have been satisfactory, as we have presented our initiatives and also taking back their contributions as owners of the territory," he stressed.

Finally, it is important to mention that these meetings have fostered good alliances within the framework of the project, since "with this articulation we hope to obtain very good results for the development and accompaniment of the costly population and environmental awareness, which are objectives to which our university points", treminio concluded.